How To Speed Up Your Digital Transformation

How To Speed Up Your Digital Transformation

Businesses around the globe are facing the toughest of the situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies are reeling through the effects of it. They are bound to deal with the transformation into the digital sphere. Gartner mentions that 87% of senior business leaders consider digitalization to be a business priority. Digital transformation is perhaps the most significant shift in the method through which the companies have been working for decades, which is why it is quite challenging. The IT leaders share innovative ideas and advice on making the process of transformation easy and quick during harsh and stressful times. Several forward-thinking IT leaders consider this stressful pandemic situation as the best opportunity to transform their business using digitalization.  

When the matter is discussed with the companies in the digital world, they provide some of their most innovative ideas and best practices. The companies that have already switched to the digital systems believe that the current situation is the best time when this transition can be done with ease.

To discuss the matter from a non-technical perspective, it can be said that the work culture before the COVID-19 outbreak was very different. It was difficult for business organizations to make their employees understand the importance of digitalization. The implementation process was also tricky as only a few people felt the real urge for the transformation. The pandemic has made us realize that it is time for a change, and now we are bound to change our views about the work culture. 

Digitalization and other IT systems, like cloud computing, DevOps, etc. are gaining popularity among the common people. It is a good sign for the companies looking for ways to survive in this unpredictable and risky business market. They are now finding it easier to implement digital solutions for internal as well as external users. According to Forbes, about 70% of the companies worldwide either have the required digital transformation model ready at their disposal or are working on them. However, it is more comfortable to comment than having the change done. 

Digital transformation has to be at a quick pace to avoid losing valuable time during the process. Here are some useful tips to make the digital transformation process swift.

Problem-Solving & Action-Plan  

Having a definite roadmap and a carefully planned action-plan is the best way to ensure a smooth digital transition. Top technology organizations suggest that continuous and sustainable changing methods are better than expensive one-time projects. The expensive one-time projects are not as rewarding as they are expected to be. The slow but steady process with a sustainable approach allows the strategic transformation system to address the currently required changes as part of live projects.

Building Resilience With The Help Of Automation

Research reveals that several organizations run out of money before they can reach their goal of complete digital transformation. Resilience and nimbleness are the two things required for sustainable profitability in the rapidly changing environment of business. Automation is the only way that can ensure flexibility and nimbleness. Automation is the best way to ensure that the target is achieved within the planned budget and period. However, the time span for the digital transformation process may vary significantly according to the companies’ natures. Automation helps to transform a business process to the most comfortable form by allowing the company to grow with the market. 

Clear Definition Of Mission & Vision 

The project and the team working on it can never exist in isolation. Both should be on the same boat and rowing in the same direction. It is essential for smart leaders to work in close coordination with their teams. They must be able to evangelize the organization’s primary mission and vision to their team so that they can understand the entire scenario easily and feel the motivation for being the active participant in the process of digital transformation.  

Pay Off All Your Technical Debts 

Experienced IT leaders found that most of the teams going through the digital transformation process fail because of a strange fact. Most of the units are interested in releasing a brand new feature, adopting microservices, or merely go to the cloud and enjoy the transformation process’s flavor. However, this is a foolish idea as the digital transformation is the process where there is genuinely nothing to be heroic. The preparatory work is relatively mundane, and it is thus very essential to scale the cost. Technical debt can be very expensive and therefore result in the failure of the entire digital transformation project. Experienced CTOs are well aware of the fact that the lingering of technical debts increases the expenses. The technology leaders understand the necessity of shortcuts, and they consider adopting the shortcuts as the best practice. With the shortcuts, they can accelerate the learning curves and, at the same time, reduce the wastes created while short-term processes.  

Speeding Up Through Slowing Down At Times

People working in the company are the ultimate factors to be considered. Without the work-force, the ‘work’ will become nonexistent. The companies attempting to speed up the digital transformation process must consider that this is a time of tremendous stress. The method of digital transformation will mean nothing without the people who will work on the system or will derive benefits from it. If the work-force is not comfortable with the system, then it is sure to fail. It is thus very crucial to understand the views and comfort levels of the people.  

The IT leaders advise to slow down so that the entire digital transformation process can speed up. When the people involved in the process are comfortable with the changes, the transition will succeed sooner or later. The expected time taken can vary, but success can be assured. Companies that are careful in understanding people’s minds are at the lowest risk of experiencing total failure in the digital transformation process. Listening to what people want or need can be the best way to ensure the process’s success. If the people are not very comfortable with the instant changes, then it is best to slow down a bit to make sure that the process maintains a steady pace.

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