Fat Is Not Who I Am

Fat Is Not Who I Am

Nov 14, 2016, 8:19:09 PM Viral

Fat is not who I am. 


I am tired of people telling me "You are fat." No, I'm not. Fat is what covers my bones, it does not define me as a person. Yes, mine may be more than yours but still, it is not who I am. I can deal with you telling me " You have fat." because yes, I do but so do you. And that is the mentality women need to adopt. 

So many "big" women feel like they're size defines them. They feel like because they are not your average "size zero" that they are not beautiful. Body image has been so distorted into this self-hate monster that women find themselves spending so much money trying to look thinner. Everyday you see images of these picture perfect, slim-waisted, flawless beings flaunted around that young girls develop diseases like bulimia and anorexia, trying so hard to look like them when those images aren't even real. Being curvier does not mean you are ugly. It does not mean you do not have a great personality or that you are not lovable. It just means there is more of you to to love. Your looks don't make you who you are. They are part of who you are. 

A young South African photographer named ThickLeeyonce has started a campaign where she photographs thick, curvy women wearing big tshirts with the caption "I'm My Own Body Goals", holding up signs like "Unapologetic", "Fuck Perfect" and "Dare To Be Different". She is not the only running such campaigns but there are a great number of women out there who are taking a stand against bodyshaming. Why should you feel any less beautiful just because you are not society's picture of perfection? A writer called, Her Mentality inspires me with her journey of weight loss and Instagram posts of less than perfect women, calling them "gods" with their bodies as "burning temples" - all beautiful ways to describe us women who feel that this body we are in is the cause of all shame and ridicule and that our imperfection means we are undesirable and that we are not worthy of the love that we so deserve and should be getting and giving to ourselves.

You are thunder and lightning - nothing less of a perfect storm

There is a beauty in your chaos, a wonder in your being

Those thunder thighs and that lightning covering your body 

Are truth to the fact that you are a hurricane

Some can handle the beauty of the storm

where others can only handle a little rain.


You are beautiful - and please don't you forget it.


Published by TeeCee Mbaxa

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