Not For Children's Eye’s Part 2, Welfare State

Not For Children's Eye’s Part 2, Welfare State

When my parents Divorced I don’t even think my heart skipped a beat, my dad was gone, nothing really changed because he was gone all the time, all that changed was we moved into a Duplex complex next to a farmers field somewhere near the University of V.

I only remember a few things about this place, some old man would load up his van with all the little kids in the complex and take them to the Provincial Museum, I probably would of never remembered except I lost my little hand knitted critter my Grandmother gave me, he  was pissed off  because he had to go back to get it!  I wasn’t invited again.

My sisters were at that age 15 & 13, both tall blondes so it didn’t take long before they noticed or vise verse the 2 Australian University guys who moved in next door, I think it was at this time my sisters started smoking pot and not listening to my mom, and to this day, because of these guys I can’t stand the smell of Mutton or Lamb being cooked, they must of  ate it all the time and it seeped through the wall or air vents of the duplex!

I got sent to the store by my mom to buy her Belvedere cigarettes every few days, she’d write a note and give me the money and send me on my way, back then they automatically gave out matches with the smokes, so I, a 5 yr old, had a good collection of matches because the store clerk would usually give me 2 packs, one for my mom and one for me, not a good mix when your a very inquisitive, bored, ignored little girl. After a while I slowly made friends with the bunch of kids in the complex and we’d spent the summer days running around the farmers fields climbing his hay stacks and kicking the piles of straw, we all gathered ( there were about 5 of us ) at the bottom of a 12 ft. high by about 20 ft. long stack of straw bales the subject turned to “Does Straw Burn?” Gee, lets find out….who has matches?? I turned in to a 5 yr. old  firebug, yes! straw burns, I heard the fire trucks and saw the smoke and didn’t go out to play for sometime. That was the last thing about living there I remembered.

Our next place to live we had to move was up island to be closer to my mom’s step sister and her family, and to the Devil’s brothers himself… mothers new boyfriend Victor!.

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Published by Teresa Asman

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