And I thought this was a good idea because...?

And I thought this was a good idea because...?

Jan 11, 2018, 6:37:38 PM Sport

So, a year or so ago I was reading this book, based in 18whatever, and the main character had the habit of running along the roof tops, leaping from place to place and doing flips just for the sake of it. And for some really, really odd reason I thought to myself, 'Hey, I could do that!'

After procrastinating for a while (my superpower), I eventually found a place where I could learn this odd set of skills, called parkour. I actually don't know what I was thinking, considering that my idea of a workout is picking up my crochet hook... if I'm feeling extreme, lifting a coffee cup at the same time. My fitness level was basically zero. I'm saying basically zero, not actually zero, because if there is a fabric sale somewhere, I'm there like a shot. And I will run over anyone in my way.

Anywho, leaving my aggressive tendencies aside, I joined the parkour class, thinking that it will only take me a few classes to be climbing walls, leaping off buildings (and not dying) and being able to do a chin up. It only took me surviving the 10 minute warmup for me to realise that it was going to take a ​little ​longer than I thought. It's been nearly a year, and my version of a wall run (where you're supposed to kinda run up the wall and hoist yourself over the top) is more like running and leaping at the wall, just grasping the top with the tips of my fingers, and full on body slamming into the wall. And I'm a girl folks, that ​hurts​. 

Vaults? They're alright. I even manage to land on my feet about 80% of the time. Anything involving arm strength? Hah! In your dreams!

Sometimes I wonder if the bruises are worth it, but honestly I'm hooked. I haven't managed to master a single thing yet, but I have high hopes of one day running along rooftops, leaping gracefully and landing without breaking a leg. 

Oh, and a chin up.


If you live in Western Australia, check out The coaches are great, and most importantly, they don't laugh when you fall down. Well, not too much anyway. 


Published by Terise Hebron

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