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My name is Terrence Lotz I am 56 years old. I am a young 56 years old. I believe my whole life is still ahead of me. I have plenty life stories and lessons to share. 

There is not an aspect of life that I have not experienced. I have owned every toy and car your heart can desire. I have raced Dirt Bikes and cars. Was a competitive tri-athlete and achieved provincial colours in the sport. Represented my region in Surfing at our National Championships. Achieved many other things. I am a driven and passionate individual, always wanting to achieve the most from life. 

Nothing above comes close to the Peace I received when I became a child of God. I was saved April 2012. It has been a life changing experience. I will not change it for anything. 

My passion to write and share comes from, firstly leading people to salvation. Secondly, Scripture can sometimes really be out there. My passion is to put it in perspective in our daily lives. The Holy Spirit leads me. And all the Glory goes to God. 

I am married to an amazing woman, Michelle and have four beautiful children, Zaren, Ryan, Norman and Logen our baby girl. 

I look forward and hope to inspire you. 

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