Hear Me

Hear Me

Oct 27, 2016, 10:28:29 AM Religion
"Hear me as I pray, O LORD. Be merciful and answer me!" (‭Psalms‬ ‭27‬:‭7‬ NLT)
We often run to God when we experience difficulties. But David sought God’s guiding presence every day. When troubles came his way, he was already in God’s presence and prepared to handle any test. Believers can call to God for help at any time, but how shortsighted to call on God only when troubles come. Many of our problems could be avoided or handled far more easily by seeking God’s help and direction beforehand. (Tyndale Study Bible)
As was said yesterday, have faith you will lack nothing, He will stand by you faithfully and give you peace. If you need more, just ask (pray).
I have said this before, every one of us has called on God in our darkest hour. Or maybe you have not experienced that yet  It's different for everyone.
Have you met people that struggle with things like kids, managing their finances, wasting money, gambling or over indulging, etc.? For you that know me, I have been there. The thing is if you want to improve you have to acknowledge your flaws.
With any issue or opportunity you can, you must ask God for guidance and strength. My first comment was that I know it works.
The big question is: why don't we just ask up front? PRAY!
"Dear Lord, I pray that you will give me strength, wisdom and courage to overcome any situation that comes my way. Yes, I am vague, but You know what will come my way. I pray for trust in You. I thank you for all my blessings and knowing You. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen."

Published by Terrence Lotz


Oct 29, 2016, 7:07:28 AM

Morning Noelene many thanks for the comment. I am a very young Christian I am just amazed at the love God. I am also surprised how it touches people lives. My inspiration comes from God. I work in the Motor Industry that has a dodgy reputation. I hope to make a difference. Scripture can be very out there. I try and explain how relevant it is. At the same time touch people's lives.

Oct 27, 2016, 11:10:41 AM

Thank you for this encouragement, Terrence. I am passionate about the Bible and how relevant it still is today so I enjoyed reading the summary about yourself where you state the same.

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