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Then the angel spoke to the women. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying. (Matthew 28:5-6 NLT)
The angel who announced the good news of the Resurrection to the women gave them four messages: (1) Don’t be afraid. The reality of the Resurrection brings joy, not fear. When you are afraid, remember the empty tomb. (2) He isn’t here. Jesus is not dead and is not to be looked for among the dead. He is alive, with his people. (3) Come, see. The women could check the evidence themselves. The tomb was empty then, and it is empty today. The Resurrection is a historical fact. (4) Go quickly and tell. They were to spread the joy of the Resurrection. We, too, are to spread the great news about Jesus’ resurrection.
Jesus’ resurrection is the key to the Christian faith. Why? (1) Just as he promised, Jesus rose from the dead. We can be confident, therefore, that he will accomplish all he has promised. (2) Jesus’ bodily resurrection shows us that the living Christ is ruler of God’s eternal Kingdom, not a false prophet or impostor. (3) We can be certain of our resurrection because he was resurrected. Death is not the end—there is future life. (4) The power that brought Jesus back to life is available to us to bring our spiritually dead selves back to life. (5) The Resurrection is the basis for the church’s witness to the world. Jesus is more than just a human leader; he is the Son of God. (Tyndale Study Bible)
It's available to all that live in this world. We as believers have to share this message.
Our pastor preached about restoration this past Sunday.  “Born again with the promise of eternal life”.
What stands out for me is the fact that the power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to me and everybody else. It is here to renew our spiritual life and to awaken the dead in us and thus to make us alive in Jesus. I prayed for John on Sunday; he gave his life to Jesus. None of this happens by accident. He was invited to Church, which is the first step of the Holy Spirit working. Then came Pastor Aidan’s excellent word. Through him, the Holy Spirit reached John and touched his heart. Wow! I am so blessed to play a small part! All glory to God.
The renewing process has now started. We are faced with choices life or death, blessings or curses daily. Choose life and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Pray whenever you are not sure about something. Even though the worldly attacks will be there, stay strong and open your heart to Jesus and Holy Spirit and, most importantly, stay in Gods’ word - the Bible. Read and meditate on it daily.
You see, God has a plan for us all, there is a good work in us all. Open your hearts so that He, through the Holy Spirit, can touch you.
"Lord, I thank you for Your  Son  Jesus and that You gave Him to die for my sins. Lord, I pray that You will guide me in the good works for You. May I stay in Your Word daily. Forgive me of my sins. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen."


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