Top Denim Trends 2022

Denim Trends

Top Denim Trends 2022

Oct 21, 2021, 8:13:43 PM Life and Styles

If you’re a fan of casualwear, your closet is probably jammed chock full of denim jeans. Jeans are updated every season with new washes, unique distress styles, and contemporary cuts. Obviously, you need to stay up-to-date with the most exciting styles of the year! Are you ready to go on a denim shopping spree? Check out this list of the top five denim trends for 2022 and find the perfect pieces to enhance your wardrobe.

  • Boho Cali Comeback

While denim has always been incredibly popular in the utilitarian sector, it’s made pretty big headway into the mainstream as well. Unfortunately, the denim look doesn’t have the lightweight feel you might prefer. The heavy fabric may be great for fall and winter, but what if you want to wear it in spring and summer? For a breezy vibe that inspires beachy California days, you need to consider boho denim fashion in denim-type materials.

Some of the most popular denim alternatives include Tencel and chambray. When it comes to chambray, you’re getting a plain-weave fabric made of 100% cotton that has a colored yard in the warp and white yarn in the weft that looks a lot like denim but feels much softer. Tencel is one of the newer materials on the market and mimics the look of denim perfectly. Many people prefer Tencel because it allows fashion brands to explore more sustainable clothing materials.

  • Oversized & Under-Sized

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Who wants clothing that fits exactly right? Nobody does anymore! With denim jackets, the opposite ends of the spectrum attract with oversized and undersized jackets. An undersized jacket offers you a cropped look that’s perfect to pair with high-waisted styles. From high-waisted wide-leg pants to high-waisted maxi skirts, the perfect outerwear choice is a cropped jacket that doesn’t hide your cute bottoms! Looking for a slightly more grungy vibe? Oversized pieces are where it’s at. Bring the 90s back to life when you pair a distressed denim jacket with your favorite band tee.

  • Denim on Denim

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This is one denim trend that never fades. Since the 1980s, people have loved pairing different types of denim together. Jackets and jeans of different washes and colors usually look amazing when coupled together. Keep this trend in 2022 and find new and unique ways to make it work.

When wearing denim on denim, consider the following tips:

  • Choose two denim showstoppers and keep the rest of your clothing and accessories denim-free.
  • Wear a bright-hued blouse or patterned shirt to brighten up a denim pant and jacket combination.
  • Stick with a similar style of denim for both of your pieces. Two distressed pieces look much more cohesive than a sleek dark-washed jacket and tatty ripped-up bottoms.
  • Use light denim shades to accentuate your curves and dark denim shades to slim you down.

  • Patched Denim

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Since distressed pieces and washes feel very played out, every company is looking for new ways to make their denim pieces stand out. The new distressed look is actually raw seams and patched denim. These details make the seams stand out and allow designers to run embellishments wherever they want! Explore jeans with personalized patches or seams that are frayed on purpose for a unique look.

Do any of these new trends seem like they might fit into your closet? Check them out and pair them with all your favorite closet essentials to take them out for a test drive.


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