The United States of Trump

The United States of Trump

As the dust settles down, and the post-election smoke clears we wake up from the 9th of November’s USA election results frantically, sweat drenched, panting as if we just ran a marathon. There are many of us who will realise that, yesterday was surely not a dream. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the United States of America will be, the one and only, not to mention controversial, Donald. J. Trump.
I can image that last line must have been met with so many mixed feelings, most you would hurl if you heard that one more time. Let’s face reality, Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States of America. I don’t understand why everyone is in such a frenzy. Border controls are busy, the markets are in an up raw, America’s unworthy rival, Canada, are now a safe haven for some. It’s as if it was the apocalypse as we know it. No, I am not a Trump supporter, however, I must say that the American people have voted. They have voiced their opinion, the hurt and their distrust in the government through their loudest voice – the ballot box. This is what democracy is all about right? We saw this with Brexit, we see it again now with Trump’s presidency. It bites when democracy isn’t so Democratic (I hope you got the joke). Anyway, Donald Trump was an unmistakeable voice for the people. He knows how to relate to average class Americans. Who have felt neglected by the government and frustrated by the elite prospering and the average remaining just there – Average.

Simply looking at the US Election map results. It is almost shocking to see the states which voted for him. There is clearly a huge divide among citizens within the country.  
A Trump victory was surely something unexpected, and clearly, this highlights a reinvention of elections and politics. The American dream, a statement America is so famous for, where anything is possible, has now become a clear reality. I truly now believe anything and everything is possible in the USA. When a kid at school looks you in the face and tells you he will be president, believe him, because he just might be and sue you. Trump’s position could not be more challenging, he is now tasked to somehow close the divide within the country, build a wall, improve US economic growth without busting the country and somehow keeping Melania happy. He knows working together is the only way his presidency will be a success.
Once again, I reiterate, by all means, I am not a Trump fan. After all, he did say this about my country, out of many things:

How is this still up on his feed?
Unlike many other Presidents, Trump seems to be the most unlikely person ever to be elected president, never mind the commander in chief of the first world. Can you Imagine his face on Mount Rushmore many years from now? Most certainly not.

No one really knows what a Trump presidency will bring forth, there have been so many things said. President Trump could be a completely different person from what candidate Trump was. After all, Trump is not as stupid and dumb as we might have thought he was. My girlfriend hates him; she gets emotional every time Trump voices hates speech towards women or when he utters anything really. I swear the day he won the election, she felt herself having palpitations. Even though she feels this way, she admitted that Donald is a smart man. For everything he has, and all he has done in building an undeniable successful empire. He has to be smart, just not as smart and amazing as my girlfriend.
The world needs to get used to seeing him everywhere. It was bad enough seeing him on television every Tuesday on SABC, whilst he fired one hopeless person each week. Now we are going to see him on every newspaper and channel. Trump might be the president the world needs, he doesn’t owe anyone a thing, he has no favours from the European union, nor does he owe wall street bankers, CEO’s of corporation nor the global oligarchy. Trump might set his own course for the world.

And that’s where we get scared.

Trump is the president-elect, congratulations to him. What that will mean for everyone else, we really do not know. On my next post, I will look at debugging the economic implications of a Trump presidency. Not only for the USA but the global community as it stands.


Published by Thabiso Mofulatsi

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