And this was how I messed up my Kin-no-torikara Experience

And this was how I messed up my Kin-no-torikara Experience

Jan 11, 2017, 8:41:58 AM Life and Styles

Do you mess up a good thing? Of course you wouldn’t. But I sadly did. I blame it on my hungry shaky hands or excitement over food. Still, this dish shone golden lights despite my mess.😛

It was just a small stall at Shibuya yet people flock here for their fried chicken. There were a couple of diners that time that it made me curious. I just had to try it. I chose the smallest size and went for their original spice mix. This is where I messed it up. I couldn’t see the mix getting in the chicken. So I shook the bottle real hard and tada! My chicken bits had powder all over!😀 I shouldn’t be happy…hahaha. So yeah…the fried chicken bits were good but less shaking next time. Or probably just the sauce to be safe. They have a lot of powder mixes and sauces. They even have chocolate sauce for your chicken! How awesome is that!😀

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