Barcino: More than just wine and tapas

Barcino: More than just wine and tapas

Jan 22, 2017, 6:33:39 PM Life and Styles

Known for their wide selection of wine, this wine resto bar offers more than just that. Yes, they have lots of wine pairings but something must be said of their amazing food. There, I said it. The food here is amazing. And at a lunch hour, my friend and I truly had happy tummies.

This is, by far, their most photographed drink. It really is big. One could hold it up in front of their face, and completely hide from it. As for the taste, right balance of sweetness and punch. This will not hit you instantly but it will keep you happy. 😉

Hungry for more of this article? I am! Check out the full article HERE on my blog. Go and get ready, set, CHOMP! :)

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