Feeling that Flame Restaurant Passion

Feeling that Flame Restaurant Passion

When I read the email invitation for this, I just had to say yes and cleared my schedule. Who says no to a lunch preview? This event happened about a week ago where this restaurant wasn’t open yet for lunch. Now that this is in full swing since last week, let’s check out the offers of this passionate dining place.

Located at the 16th floor of the luxurious Discovery Primea hotel, its interiors stayed true to that feel. Upon entering, you’d be greeted by this beautiful living chandelier. Everything seemed grand yet has this casual vibe. Their marble-top open kitchen allows conversations with the chef. Design Worldwide Partnership really carefully thought of its design to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. With the Makati skyline as its backdrop, this is the perfect spot for lunch gatherings. Speaking of lunch, let’s go check out those lunch offers shall we?😉

Hungry for more of this article? I am! Check out the full article HERE on my blog. Go and get ready, set, CHOMP! :) 


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