Feeling the Golden Kinkaku-ji Calmness

Feeling the Golden Kinkaku-ji Calmness

Aug 6, 2016, 5:24:00 PM Life and Styles

During our Kyoto tour, this was the only temple we stopped by. And really worth stopping by for. Though there were lots of tourists that time, I somehow felt calm just gazing at the Golden Pavilion. It really shines golden with the weather backdrop just being perfect at that time. I’ve taken so many photos that each one was just pure golden. Its surrounding background too was still and beautiful.

There are many temples here in Kyoto that touring all would be a feat. But if you just had one temple to go to, make this your one and only stop. For just ¥ 400 (¥ 300 for children ages 7 to 15), you could tour around this area and get to behold its golden glory.

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