For the love of Ramen Museum

For the love of Ramen Museum

Jan 9, 2017, 1:52:23 PM Life and Styles

Who would say no to some ramen? Especially during the rainy season, it’s the perfect dish to warm up and get cozy. It just gives you all the good vibes you need to get those blues away. And at this museum, one would surely get all that and more.

Every region in Japan has a different ramen specialty. Whether it’s shoyu, shio or miso style, one would surely find a fave. A couple were served at this museum. 9 to be exact. The game was to try them all. But alas, my stomach could only take in so much ramen goodness.😦

Hungry for more of this article? I am! Check out the full article HERE on my blog. Go and get ready, set, CHOMP! :) 

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