Want some Tasty Indulgence?

Want some Tasty Indulgence?

Mar 2, 2017, 4:21:20 PM Life and Styles

Food has always been a weakness of mine. Whenever I get that mad craving for something, I have to always have it. And mind you, my cravings would last for days until I get it. It does happen that I get multiple cravings. When that happens, I don’t get “hangry” but still very much eager to grab it. So do I sometimes crave for pork, beef or fish? A definite yes! And the Tasty Indulgence of Marco Polo’s Cucina just answered that. 🙂

Hungry for more of this article? I am! Check out the full article HERE on my blog. Go and get ready, set, CHOMP! :) 

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