Welcoming the reign of Paradise Dynasty

Welcoming the reign of Paradise Dynasty

Jan 22, 2017, 3:47:47 PM Life and Styles

It’s about time we welcome the reign of this dynasty. With its elegant interiors and delectable dishes, one would definitely be enticed to devour all of the offers at this restaurant.

Paradise Dynasty is proud to say that they’re the first in the world to offer these tasty selection of Xiao Long Bao. It’s the first that I’ve heard of it too, and have seen it multiple times on social media. Each color (which is extracted from plants) represents a different flavor. Ideally, these should be eaten in a certain order. One should first have their Original Xiao Long Baos. Next would be their Ginseng (green), Foie Gras (brown), Black Truffle (black), Cheese (yellow), Crab Roe (orange), Garlic (grey) and Szechuan (red). It probably has something to do with the intensity of the flavors. Since we were many that day, we skipped that part. I had their Black Truffle which did have that subtle and smooth truffle taste. I was actually surprised at how they were able to infuse that flavor in. I also had their garlic which did taste garlicky in a very good sense.

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