Top 10 Highest Alcohol Content Alcoholic Drinks In The World

Top 10 Highest Alcohol Content Alcoholic Drinks In The World

Oct 10, 2021, 4:02:10 PM Life and Styles

What are the strongest alcoholic drinks in the world? If you’re an experienced drinker, you know about alcohol percentage and how it affects the taste of your drink. In today’s article, we’ll be listing 10 alcoholic drinks with very high alcohol content. The only way to enjoy them is to mix them with club soda or some sort of mixer! If you have a strong tolerance for hard liquor, then these drinks will suit you just fine.

1) Teskvo from Macedonia

The highest alcohol content drink in the world, at 83 percent alcohol by volume, is Macedonian rakija (also called teskvo). This drink is made from grapes and has only slightly less alcohol than absinthe, which clocks in at about 75 percent ABV. Although there are also strong liqueurs that can top 100 proof, these drinks typically contain added water to lower their ABV to below 80 proof.

2) Aldehyde from Bulgaria

Though it’s not well known, a clear spirit from Bulgaria called aldehyde is considered one of the strongest alcohol in terms of pure alcohol by volume. This clear spirit is made through a process called hydration, in which a solution of yeast and water is converted into a high-proof ethyl alcohol solution. Once complete, these ethyl solutions are dehydrated to form anhydrous alcohols. One such example of anhydrous alcohol is our No. 1 pick: Aldehyde from Bulgaria.

3) Poitín from Ireland

Poitín is a spirit produced from a mash of potatoes and malted barley that is then distilled in a small pot still. Poíitín has been produced by poor farmers in Ireland for centuries. Production was illegal, but nonetheless was historically a cottage industry, with poitín being made at home and admixed to make it stronger before consumption. Distillation took place in secret locations such as hollow hills or disused mine shafts.

4) Andrjukovič from Croatia

Aquavit is a liquor that originated in Scandinavia, based on vodka or neutral spirits infused with herbs, spices and fruit flavors. An alcohol content of at least 38% ABV (76 proof) is required to be considered aquavit. Variations include Linie Aquavit which is aged in barrels and matured in transit between Denmark and Norway for 5 months before bottling, and Salty Dog which uses grapefruit juice and grapefruit peel in its preparation.

5) Aquavit from Norway

Aquavit is a Scandinavian liquor that’s always infused with herbs and spices. One popular recipe includes caraway seeds, cumin, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and angelica root. Aquavit has an alcohol content of 40 to 43 percent. That’s higher than many kinds of rum! Thanks to its high ABV (alcohol by volume), it’s potent stuff.

6) Borovička brandy from Croatia

70% ABV (140 proof) This drink is made from fruit grown in Croatia. It’s often served as a bomber, which means it is served in a beer bottle with a stuffed bottleneck. It must be sipped slowly because of its high alcohol content. When poured over ice, it forms an amazing layer of ice on top of itself.

7) Arrack from Sri Lanka

When it comes to alcohol, China is kind of like Kansas in The Wizard of Oz. It doesn’t get much attention until something goes wrong—and then people freak out. There are currently more than 1 million Chinese who are addicted to alcohol, according to Xinhua , and some binge on all sorts of things that come in bottles, cans or bags.

8) Bum wine from China

Bum wine is a Chinese wine brand produced by Shandong Yongjing Beverage Group in Dezhou, China. Its alcohol content is 40%–50%, far higher than conventional wines which generally have 7% to 18% alcohol by volume. Bum wine is widely consumed in rural areas of China and sometimes mixed with grain alcohol or other beverages.

9) Podravka liquorice liquor from Croatia

Podravka (liquorice brand) is a Croatian producer of spirits, fruit juices and other beverages. They produce more than 200 kinds of alcoholic drinks. Many claim Podravka liquorice liquor to be the strongest drink in the world with 55% ABV; its alcohol strength actually represents stronger liquors (e.g., absinthe at 72% ABV). It has an intense licorice taste. However, it is not marketed as an alcoholic beverage but rather as a medicine for stomach ailments such as heartburn, acid reflux disease and nausea caused by motion sickness or morning sickness. This product is considered illegal to sell to anyone under 18 years old in America because it contains dangerous levels of alcohol that can easily lead to extreme intoxication or death if consumed inappropriately.

10) Balcones Brimstone cocktail from Texas USA

This drink has an alcohol content of 70%! Brimstone is one of five drinks offered by Balcones Distilling company in Waco, Texas. This company produces liquors made from 100% natural ingredients only. Brimstone is distilled from corn mash with added ginger, chilies and spices to make it spicy. They say it has a smoky flavour that tastes like rich whiskey because it contains no less than 25% pure oak wood smoke.


A lot of drinks nowadays come with a high alcohol content. Such a high percentage of alcohol can have some negative effects on our health, while others think it is not a big deal if they have a drink once in a while. But for some people who are weak to alcohol, even one drink can cause them to lose control and get intoxicated. So if you feel that you are easily swayed by strong alcoholic drinks, maybe it’s time to give it up before it causes more damage than good.

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