Tinder, the App That's Becoming a Dirty Word

Tinder, the App That's Becoming a Dirty Word

I used Tinder.  Once.  At the encouragement of my workmates.  I got the old "what do you have to lose?!", "put yourself out there...".

Spurred on by my workmates encouragement, I took the leap and downloaded it.  I signed up...the app wanted my Facebook information.  "I don't know how I feel about this?" ran through my mind, what if someone I knew was seeing me use this app, the app where I wasn't mentally okay enough with actually meeting people in person, you know, the old fashioned way.

With some trepidation I hit yes and thus opened up Tinder where with one swipe of a persons face, you could dictate if they were good enough to go on a date with you - not because they weren't nice people, or they didn't have a lot going for them but because of their face, their appearance.  As I swiped away with vigor, I noticed something.  These guys were hot!  I mean WTF?  Why are these guys on here?  What are they doing picking up chicks on a dating app?  It blew my mind.  Surely they could pick up girls in person, no problem.  I saw some I liked and swiped right and dove straight into conversations with these people I chose based on their appearance.  As the conversations wore on from "Hi how are you?", they were quickly followed by "Why are you here, what are you into?"...I mean errrrr.   Like I'm going to have sex with a stranger but that's what a majority of these people were wanting.  I did go on a couple of dates, one went terribly, the other amazing - that story I'll save for another day, because it didn't end up as happily as I had hoped.

I deleted the app after 24 hours.  Dirty Old Tinder, the place of casual hook ups, sexually over eager young men, who got their sex education through watching pornography on the internet and had numerous females laid out before them for the picking.  On a side note, when when I was young, a kid would bring a screwed up piece of their parents porno mag, that was torn apart in no time, with some lucky fellow taking away a piece of paper with a pair of boobs on it.  Now days, group sex, other sexual acts and degrading woman has all become common place.

Back to Tinder, everything moves at rapid speed, swipe right, meet and probably have sex.  Next please!  I mean, does that seem wrong to anyone?  Gone are the days you get to know someone, now you meet, shag and soon enough, because there was no initial interaction, the partnership goes by the wayside - make way for the next.  Is anything genuine, or is it just a pissing competition for men and woman to brag about to their mates, you know, the girl/guy they picked up on Tinder and dumped like a hot tonne of shit. All because she/he looked hot enough to share their bed.

To me, it's everything that is wrong with this world.  As we become even more disconnected from reality and become more narcissistic, basing our happiness and lives on the amount of 'likes' we receive on Instagram and Facebook, the real world starts slipping behind and people who are genuinely looking for someone with whom we spend our lives (or for however long), are also left behind because we refuse to fall pray to something that promises so little.

I hope common sense prevails and people actually see Tinder for what it is, the scummy underbelly of dating, the app that's spreading the message that screwing someone and walking away is common place and normal, the place where you can judge someone based on their appearance and not who they are and where young girls and guys are getting their self esteem destroyed because they are just an object.

Let me know your thoughts, I mean am I being too critical or old fashioned? Has anyone had a Tinder "success story"?

Em xxox

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