How can sports help

How can sports help

How can sports help?

Sports can help people in many ways especially with young people whether they are in a deprived area or not. It can help teach the child or young adult about how to make better life choices and build confidence. It's also the perfect way to get them off electronic devices it can also; teach them how to work with other people, make new friends, gain confidence, helps them do excerise without it seeming like a chore.


What clubs are available for young teens and adults?

There is a wide variety of clubs children and young adults can do. However; these may very as some clubs can tend to be on weekends or after school hours such as football clubs. Football clubs often have availability for young children from primary school age up to the age of eighteen. But there is a wide range of clubs anyone can do they can be found online or on your councils website page. You can even look in your local village hall on the notice board. 



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