Edward is Back! ❤

One thing you should know about me is that I love Ed Sheeran. Not just "yes, his music is fine and he is a good person so I guess I like him". I like him more like "OH MY GOD HE IS THE GREATEST SOUL IN THE UNIVERSE AND HIS MUSIC CAN SAVE LIVES!" I have seen every single interview of his and jam to every song he's ever made (even the not so good ones from long time back). He is basically everything. 

So naturally when he went on a hiatus on December, 2015 I was devastated. In retrospect, I should've known 2016 was going to suck just from Ed's decision to leave social media. 

Anyway, it was a whole year without Edward but on Monday BAE posted a video about releasing new music on Friday. 

I have listened and re-listened to them a lot and I think they are pretty damn amazing. Of course, my decision is highly biased, but see for yourself - 

What do think?

I really think this new album (probably titled division or divide) is going to be majorly amazing. I also hope he tours this time and I actually get to go for his concert.

Anyway, at least there's something good to look forward to in 2017, isnt it? :) 



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