Hi, world.

I have been writing and re-writing this blog for about 2 months now. October was when I was first approached to write for this website. I jumped at the opportunity but ever since then I have been procrastinating. When something happens in my life, I usually blog about it in my personal blog (meensspeaks.wordpress.com) so I was confused about what I was supposed to write in this space. I still do not know what I am going to write here, but I think it is going to be something on the lines of those things I think about in my everyday. 

I once read a blog where the author writes about one beautiful thing she finds everyday. Let's be real, I am not going to be writing everyday. I am not disciplined that way. On that note, neither am I interested in writing about the 'beautiful' things of the world. Beauty usually shines through anyway; I am more interested in being realistic. 

What I am trying to say is that I intend to write about things that come to my mind. They needn't be long or funny or engaging all the time, but these will be the things I see, hear or think about and want the world to know.

Maybe somewhere along the way I'll find my exact niche. Maybe I wont. Who knows. 





P. S. My name is Meenakshi and I live in India. Just FYI. It's not exactly important information or anything :P


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