How to get good at anything with this golden rule!

What really makes Mr A who has the same IQ with Mr B do better at a test? Many factors I guess... Perhaps Mr B is married and just had his first baby who is still trying to adjust to the world's timing and still cannot differentiate between day and night.

or...Perhaps Mr B also had food poisoning last night because he ate some 2-day old Chinese fried rice which was not refrigerated and he had to spend almost the whole night in the bathroom.

All these and more are possible but ...none of those might have happened. In fact, more often times than not, none of these happen. There is probably another reason...

Granted, some people have photographic brains, and that is cool and we all wish we did, but let's face it, that is probably less than 1% of the world's population. So let's get real and face our issues, we who have non-photographic heads.

If you understand what I am about to say, you can get good at anything. This is why people make it in medical school; it is why people win gold medals in the Olympics, why people are musical geniuses. Talent plays a role, but talent is not enough...

It is the golden rule of repetition and consistency.

We all like quick results, fast, right now, ASAP; but the results we crave are only given to those who persevere, who learn and relearn. Reading a book once is cool but reading it twice is even better, thrice much better, four times and you are becoming a master. Never assume that you got it all the first time - you did not. You wish you did but you didn't.

Repetition and consistency places you far above your equals. It makes you shine brighter than other stars. Don't be afraid to fail, failure helps you learn better. It helps you learn new things and you are not likely to forget what you have failed at before.

It takes some level of humility to repeat what you have done before even when you don't need to. Your ego doesn't like that. But the rewards are priceless.

So, what is that thing you like to do? What is that thing that you are currently doing? Work at it! Repeat, relearn, research, keep going and in a little while, you will be telling your story.

God rewards faithfulness!



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