How to know the number of hairs on your head

How to know the number of hairs on your head

There has been so much fuss about hair and makeup in the last few years...we do all sorts of things to our hair. I once had a friend who was a hair stylist ...or wanted to be a hair stylist and so I learnt a lot about hair... hair types, colors, dying, sprays, gels, flat ironing, conditioning, trimming and bla bla bla. We have studied hair so much that people have to go to school and get licensed to be able to do other people's hair! Yes, it is that serious.


There is something funny.

Despite all we know about hair, we have never really taken the time to count the number of hairs on our own heads. Hair stylists do not count hair! Despite the fact that they 'care for hair', they do not care for it or you enough to count it! They don’t really want to know how many strands of hair they are working with!

But God does.

Matthew 10: 30

...And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

The number of hairs of our heads is constantly changing. We lose some every morning when we brush or comb it, when we braid it, when we put a weave, when we dye, when we wash it, when we trim it, when we flat iron, when we blow it out, even when we just run our hands through it. We find hair on our pillows, on the bathroom floors and sometimes just wonder how they got there but at every point in time, God knows the number of hairs on our heads....At every point in time...

Think about that for a minute.


That means he is constantly counting...that means he sees every hair that falls and he knows when every new strand begins to bud.

So...if God knows the number of hairs on my head...what does he not know about me? That means he also knows what is happening with my job situation, he knows what is happening with my finances, he sees every tear and he knows every time my heart is gripped with fear, every time I struggle - He knows everything about me! 

I don’t know about you but anyone who cares enough to know the number of hairs on my head at every point in time knows me and loves me.

God cares about you. He sees you. He knows you.

So if you want to know the number of hairs on your head...ask him :-)


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Sep 11, 2016, 11:53:13 PM

Thanks David! I am glad you liked it!

Sep 10, 2016, 6:10:44 PM

Well-written and thought-provoking.

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