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A nebula of thoughts collected in this small corner of the cosmos we call:  THE THOUGHT NEBULAE

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J. Marquez

 A post grad medical intern from California, USA and an introvert in nature. He is on his way to become a neuropsychiatrist in hope to help people through career and medical missionary work. Passionate in all things space and time travel wherein his childhood heroes include Carl Sagan and Albert Einstein. When not in the hospital, he likes reading books and writing in his free time. Always in a state of learning, he constantly tries to improve himself and the world around him. 


M.J. Jacinto

A registered nurse with a master degree in Public Health hail from the Philippines and raised in Saudi Arabia. She is a deep thinker with a curious mind and has a passion for learning. Despite her solitary nature, she loves a good adventure. When not occupied with her pursuits, she can be found playing the piano, writing or relishing a book. But more so often, she is found hiding behind the telescope in reflective introspection, immersed in the scientific study of life. 


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