Imagine yourself standing freely above the ocean tides below the cold grey skies of the overcast. With your eyes closed, you can feel the ocean’s proximity as a swish of chilling winds swathed around your body like blankets of fresh air. With only your sense of touch, you know that you’re standing before the ocean’s setting sun as you absorb the warm rays that gently touch your cheeks. 

You then look up.

And with a breath worth of a thousand words, you let go and smell the salt-scented air lightly kissing your nose which tingles your body down to every nerve. And all in one second, with your head tilted high, your eyes open for the first time. 

All your worries fade and your existence gets a whole new meaning.

You can’t help but smile as you see the somber clouds moving apart, revealing a sky of flowing colors that takes your breath away. 

A blend of paradise that renders all the dyes of the world grey and colorless. 

As you follow your eyes down to the horizon you awe beyond comprehension. You then look past the aquatic glass and see the line that separates the heavens and the sea, now hazing together until it no longer can be seen

A mending unity that only exists beyond horizon’s end.

The whispering gales caress the sun sets, the ocean embrace the lingering colors of the final minute before the spectrum skies fade into the darkness of the vast ambiance of the night. And just when it does, you see the gleaming stars sheen above you, sheering with a luster that lights the dimly shadowed night with a soft glow of complexion. 

An immense feeling of euphoria... 

or at least that is how I’ve always felt about her.


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