Away from the apparent noise, disengaged from the cares and pandemonium of this world, there is an unspoken peace found in solitude. Above the city lights, I see the grey overcast, the final rays of the setting sun slowly reveal the silent stars. I see the flight of the birds ingeniously defying gravity and the invisible force gently rocking the earth. All this speaks of an undeniable presence.

While immersed in the quiet mystery of my surroundings, I feel my pulse decelerate as my body decompresses. I listen to the palpable beat and the patterns of my breathing speaking of a life source where my every pulse and every breath is hanged upon.

From here I grasped the truth that my entire being and existence is solely dependent upon this supreme presence Who not only governs the intricate workings of the human body but so as the universe. Enamoured, my soul rises keeping my eyes above the darkened skies. And as I stand on His sovereign hand with renewed fortitude, I rest in His embrace.


stay learning.

Published by The Thought Nebulae


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