IWD 2017 - Cheers to us women!

IWD 2017 - Cheers to us women!

She is a daughter, a friend, and sometimes a sister, wife/partner or a mother. 

She’s a mother by blood or by heart ; or even single- handedly a  mother ; or a mother to a lot more than usual – those who become the mothers of their communities. 

A woman is a lover and also a fighter.Sometimes she’s hurt or burned out. But, she can always use the pain to grow and rise above. 

She smiles even when she is tired. She cried if she can not hide. And that is fine. Because she can smile and laugh again just after some time.

Sometimes she is judged by society for her looks, her weight, her age, her views, her choices. But, it is always up to her to live a happy life she chooses because she knows she is not hurting anyone else. 
She can do multiple things; she has multiple skills.

Others doubted her, but she can prove them wrong.

She is kind. She is gracious. She is the homemaker. She is the girl boss.
She is a creator and a maker. She is a dreamer and an achiever. 

She can be quiet but can voice out her ideas. She is a believer and a doer.
She can be anything she wants to be. The world will not be the same without her. She is a woman. 💖

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