Let yourself rest...

Sitting here in front of my laptop, uploading our new Greek Gods & Goddesses wooden notebooks, I started to feel tired and hungry. I told myself to keep going just a little bit more so I can finish the collection... I looked at my watch and  decided that I need to hurry up because I dont have many hours of work before picking up my son from school. No time to rest, no time to relax...


And then out of the blue it hit me. I NEED time to relax. I NEED time for myself right now! So, my new plan is to find about an hour every day to do whatever I enjoy that will be 100% my time.


The blog post isnt part of my 'happy hour' but I wanted to share this with you. I am sure you also feel like you never stop and if you think about it, time goes by so fast you NEED to enjoy it as much as you can. So, I am ending this post and heading to kitchen to make lunch and relax, erasing all the 'have to dos' in my mind!

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