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       When you read my blog I want you to know this: I don't edit the words, I don't research exact wordings, I don't sit and think about what I will write. When you see my posts they are written in one sitting without stopping and are the words put into my heart. It feels like I just move my fingers and the message develops as I write. You might even see misspellings and punctuation errors. I like the raw expression of God's word to my heart. Please enjoy and comment. I love discussion and feedback, almost as much as knowing how God may use me to develop understanding in my brothers and sisters in Christ. Enjoy!

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       I found Christ when I was about 11 years old. God called me to walk with Him when I was about 29. I've found there is a big difference in being 'saved' and growing in the faith by allowing God to work in your life. God began to put things on my heart when I studied the Bible and before I knew it I had tons of notes that nobody would ever see. I'm too concise to write a long book about topics and I really want others to grow from the insight that The Holy Spirit gives me so I began to pour into a blog. (


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