All Things are for GOD’S GLORY

His Glory

We live in a very selfish world. When people discuss the existence of God it is inevitable that someone stands up and says that if God existed then ‘How could He let ________happen?’ Whether it’s a death or a corrupt person gaining position, they feel that God has done wrong by their human standard and understanding. It is also inevitable that someone will say that ‘God wasn’t there for me when I needed Him.’ It all boils down to people having a human expectation of God. They expect Him to be as limited and weak as we are. God is more than any human can describe with our limited minds, experiences, or vocabulary. The way to describe God is in silence, the way to draw Him is to leave the canvas blank, and the way to understand Him is to know that you are not meant to and can’t. The only way to come close to an understanding of God is to be an open vessel that He can fill with His Spirit, which will teach you to become like Him. Only through sanctification can you begin to comprehend His person and only when you enter His kingdom will you understand: ‘I AM’.

My favorite way to be in tune with my creator is to understand that I will never understand. I praise the fact that He is more than I can ever truly absorb. That’s where faith in the fact that His representation of Himself in His word is the truth He wishes for me. Anything I need to know after that is taught to me through His Spirit which lives inside of me. It’s in the moments of silence, in fellowship with my Lord, that He leads me down a path where I can only see as far as He wants me to.

I’ve grown to understand and accept that all the things of this earth are for God’s Glory. Everything! His willingness to forgive the trespasses of those who accept His son as their sacrifice is for His glory. He sent Jesus to die for us and bring us closer to Him where we will come to the Father and worship Him. It’s all a focus on Him. His abundant grace and mercy for us is for His glory. It is because of our need for His grace and mercy that we recognize out need for Him and glorify Him. His compassion for our sinful nature is so that we have a Heavenly Father to turn to when we realize we are sojourners in this world.

The faith of some waivers when they compare their walk with the Lord (life) with the journey in darkness of non-believers. They see a sinful person gain fortune that surpasses their own and wonder why. It’s for God’s glory. He builds some up because He knows they must fall from a higher distance to truly come to the Father humble. That fall may be leading other around them to glorify Him as well. The fall of the sinful might bring them to repentance and dependence on God. It might also defend one of God’s servants or lead them to believe in His sovereignty.

Some believers find themselves in times of trouble and wonder if God has turned from them when on the contrary He may be using these times to bring them closer to Him and to sanctification. Those same people may ignore God when times are good forgetting that all good things are from Him. They turn when things are difficult and expect Him to be there at their beck and call. They wonder where God has gone even though they are the ones wondering from His path. He will also bring prosperity to those He chooses among believers. He recognizes whose heart can handle that prosperity wisely and who will be brought low by it. He knows everyone’s heart and what it’s capable of under all circumstance. People want to become rich but fail to realize God knows the trouble that they would get themselves into with fortune they cannot handle.

God’s creation is a giant network of circumstance and dealings that affect far more than we can imagine. The death of an infant may have ramifications that we cannot see in our confusion. God has a purpose for all things good and bad. Just because we cannot understand it doesn’t give us the right to humanize God and criticize His workings. We must rest assured that all of these dealings are to glorify a God that we praise and glorify as well. We serve a good God! All good comes from Him and He is completely good. Glory to God and His sovereign control of this world. I’m grateful that part of His plan included my adoption so that I might know my Heavenly Father and receive an inheritance that I will never be worthy to have.

Published by Thomas Hopkins

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