Power to Love Rightly

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Power to Love Rightly

Sep 6, 2016, 1:21:10 PM Religion


We are called to love like Christ loved. We are given a spouse to love like Christ loves His church. We are then meant to use this singular example (spouse) as practice on how to love the rest of the world. It’s a hierarchy: Christà Churchà Youà Spouseà Family à Your Churchà Friendsà The people you interact withà The rest of the world. Once you work at one you can move to the next as your ability to love like Christ (unconditional) is better able to persevere in this conditional world. As we move away from the light found in the love of Christ the territory grows darker, but in that darkness our light can shine brighter. When the world becomes too difficult to love, return to the strength of Jesus and begin with your spouse. Gain your bearings in your partner and begin to build a stronger light, a light that one day will persevere through all of this world’s darkness and into eternity in Heaven. You can show the world a glimpse of Heaven as the joy found in unconditional (agape) love overflows from your heart.

Published by Thomas Hopkins

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