Prayer for America

Heavenly Father, hear our cries for your mercy. We look to you because you are the only hope we have to bring peace to this country. The love you demand of your faithful is our only hope to overcome hate. Your light is our only hope to overcome this darkness. Your grace is the only thing that can deliver this lost generation. Please help us to see that our battle is with the spirit and not the flesh. Let each of us see one another as a creation of God lost in sin and the deception of the devil. Allow each of us the perseverance to stand against the evil of the deceiver and show your light even when it is met with hate. Help each of us to remember that Jesus was sent to save our souls while flesh turns to dust. Our racial differences are tools for the devil and dust in the eyes of an eternal God. God, give us the heart to unite with you under the salvation of Jesus which makes this world a temporary home. Allow us as believers to show this lost world that they fight a battle where satan is the only winner. Pour out your love on all of us and allow us to overflow with that love as we pour it out upon this lost world. Lord hear our prayer and strengthen our faith that you are at work even in the worst of times. It’s in the perfect redeeming name of Jesus that we pray. And the people said………Amen

Published by Thomas Hopkins

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