Spiritual Maturity (Love)

2 Peter 1:5-9

The greatest command of all is love. It is no coincidence that love is the top step in the staircase of spiritual maturity. It is also the culmination of all of the Fruits of the Spirit. The ability to love God with all you are and to love your neighbor as yourself is the evidence of a mature spirit in Christ. God loves all of His creation and a person rotted in Jesus and the word of God should strive to do the same. Unconditional love is a quality that God eternally exemplifies. It is up to the believer to do the same on earth. Possessing an unconditional love not only pours out a Godly love to the world and draws them to Him, it also leaves that person with the joy and peace that comes from being full of Godly love and not the sinful emotions that creep in in the absence of love (anger, jealousy, lust, greed, fear, etc) Evidence of spiritual maturity is the ability to love the darkened world, becoming the light of God that overcomes that darkness.

Published by Thomas Hopkins

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