True Vessel of God: A Changed Life

True Vessel of God

How many of us have met people who identify as Christian, but their life doesn’t seem to comply? As we live life in the light of Jesus they seem uncomfortable with our commitment. I found myself in this position as I went through a ‘life redirection’ that God placed into my heart. I was on a path that didn’t rely on the provision of God, but on my own power. We are all guilty of trying to take control as we think we know better than the Creator. I knew there had to be more. Jesus give us access to the same Holy Spirit that worked through Him, the same Spirit given to the Apostles at Pentecost in the Book of Acts. I found God’s answer to the emptiness of my heart in His Word. I found the importance of community, not just a Sunday service, in Colossians 2 where we are to be woven together to more fully understand God. I discovered how the Spirit acts to mature us in 2 Peter 1:7-9. This passage sounds like steps toward spiritual maturity. Blog coming soon! According to Ephesians 4 it’s that Spirit that guarantees our inheritance. Being a follower of Christ is so much deeper than people believe. As you dig deeper into God’s word you see how truly narrow the path is and how lost this world is. Even people who identify as believers are swimming in the shallow end of the word. It’s in the unimaginable depth of God’s word that we grow and reflect the light to this dark world. It’s in spiritual maturity that God’s power can be shown through us, and the lost can take notice and gravitate toward true salvation and sanctification.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for thinking I can move in this world without you. Help me to realize you are the breath in my lungs. My heart beats because you allow it. I want to be led by your Spirit, Lord. I want it to be a shining light that the world cannot miss. I want to be an example of You, here. Please allow me to let go of the worldly things that keep me in the shallow end of your Spirit. Take me deeper and show me your desire for me. Forgive me my sin and keep me from sin so that the Holy Spirit has a clean vessel to work through. I love you enough to trust you and give you control. You will give to me greater things than I can imagine. It’s in the perfect name of Jesus I pray, Amen!

Published by Thomas Hopkins

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