What does God say?

What does God say?

Jul 21, 2016, 8:21:48 PM Religion


Walking with God and desiring that He lead our lives leaves us with many questions sometimes.

Am I supposed to be waiting on God or did I miss the answer?

Does God will ________ for me?

Is the deceiver interfering with me hearing God correctly?

Do I attempt to counsel this wicked person or just be an example?

What’s God’s purpose for me?

What’s my place of service in His kingdom?

Why does God feel so distant?


The answer is found in our own quietness. We must spend daily time in the word, pray for what we find spoken to us in the word, and then be still with God so His ‘fine tuning’ can take place in our heart. Without this time we will only find frustration and fear. We will seek the world to compensate for the guidance we don’t allow and then rest assured the deceiver has his way to draw us off course. This could happen to anyone, it’s God’s grace and mercy that make it possible to get back on the path that God has designed for us. All man has fallen and failed, that’s why God became man to make sure we could find the path to Heaven.

Published by Thomas Hopkins

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