Neck Pain Relief: A reality with Therapy

Neck Pain Relief: A reality with Therapy

Do you often feel a stiff neck when you wake up from your bed? Is it really difficult for you to work for a long time due to neck pain? Well, having neck pain and long working hours is just the complaint of every office-going youngster. Some unbelievable office hours can never be escaped and sitting in front of a system for this long makes our neck way too stiff to even move it freely.

 Do you relate exactly to the situation? Well, if the answer is yes, congratulations! We have got you the best solution for neck pain relief. If you think it can be difficult to get rid of neck pain then you might be wrong here, since physical therapy is just the right treatment plan that can heal your pain effectively and eventually.

What is neck pain 

Neck pain cannot be defined in medical terms peculiarly but it is a kind of sharp pain that starts from the neck and spreads until the end of your arm. Multiple causes combined to cause neck pain. But most of them conjointly affects the muscle of the neck and create radiating pain affecting arms as well. Starting from contour work position, sleeping habits to injury. Yes, quite shocking but neck injury can also be a big reason for your neck pain.  You must keep in mind that work-related neck pain is quite usual but performing regular exercise to keep your posture correct can work well to help you in neck pain relief. Though multiple causes work together to cause neck pain if you go for regular physical therapy sessions you will surely get relief.

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain is a result of an injury to the tissues off the bone of the neck. It may also be caused due to a degenerative underlying disease. The most common causes of neck pain are mentioned below. 

  • Neck injuries: Any sudden collision of the head that results in whipping it back and forth causes an injury called whiplash. The tissues involved in this kind of injury are the soft tissues of the neck. Apart from this neck pain encountered during an injury to the neck is common while playing Sports that leads to a sudden impact on the muscles and the bones of the neck (cervical bones). 
  • Sprain and strain of the muscles of the neck- Neck pain is also felt when the muscles, tendon, and ligaments of the overstretched and overused causing sprain and strain of the muscles and ligaments of the neck. You can suffer from this form as simple as working on a computer for a long time without rest or improper sleeping positions.
  • Compression of the cervical nerves: The nerves supplying the neck can get compressed due to herniated disc. Sometimes, the pain of the neck radiates down towards the shoulders, hands, and fingers which is referred to as radiculopathy. 
  • Degenerating diseases: Degenerating disease of the bones like Arthritis, along with progressing age causes erosion of the neck joint causing pain in the neck. 
  • Other conditions: Certain other underlying diseases and conditions like cancer, meningitis, and rheumatoid arthritis lead to neck pain 

Signs and Symptoms of Neck Pain

The common symptoms that you may encounter when having neck pain are 

  • Stiffness of the neck and the upper back region. 
  • Neck pain radiating towards the shoulder blades, shoulders, hands, wrists, and fingers. 
  • In severe conditions, it may also be accompanied by a severe headache. 
  • Feeling of numbness, weakness, and tingling sensation around the neck and the forelimbs. 

How does Physical Therapy help in Neck Pain Relief?

Physical Therapists provide you with the best Physical Therapy sessions that will help you in your neck pain relief. 

The main aim of physical therapy for neck pain are 

  • Reduces pain and stiffness of the neck and the muscles around the neck. 
  • Restore mobility of the head and the neck region. 
  • To strengthen the muscles and supporting structures of the neck.
  • Bring into practice certain strategies that will help you avoid neck pain.

Physical therapy for neck pain relief includes two approaches. 

  1. Passive Physical Therapy- The patient need not make any efforts. Includes ice pack, heat pack, massage therapy, ultrasound therapy, and electrotherapy
  2. Active Physical Therapy- Requires active involvement of the patients. Involves strengthening and stretching exercises that help in reducing the pain of the neck. 


Well, having pains and injuries in different parts of the body is quite a common thing nowadays. Nowadays neck pain has become equally common due to the latest work from a home system that has made employees stick in front of their laptops for most of the time at their home. Nobody gets time to take care of their body. But all kinds of pain can be treated with physical therapy in just no time. All you need to do is to find a good physical therapist near you for consultation.

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