What I Would Tell Freshman Me

What I Would Tell Freshman Me

We're approx. 72 hours away from jumping into the semester so I wanted to reflect on what I wish I could, should, and would have done this time 4 years ago.

Monday is my last first day of undergrad and I'm sort of freaking out about it. Where did the time go? It seems like just last week I was hauling a mass amount of living things into a small room with two twin beds and a room mate I had never met before. Good times. A lot changed that year, including me and who I was friends with. But if there was anything I could tell myself those 4 years ago it would be this:

  • Join clubs, programs, groups, and centers.

Everyone tells you that. There's usually fairs and fairs of tables with people promoting their group or club and telling you if you don't join things, you'll regret it. You might think that you're going to do your own thing and worry about it later. But later usually (not always) ends up being about 3 years later and all you're left with is a couple semesters of really belonging to your own corner of the university. Maybe not the first semester, but soon after, just do it.

  • Don't worry about making those 'life-long' friends on the first week

Making those friends you hear older people talk about meeting in college and still being so close after all these years don't always come right away. The point of college is to not only learn about things you like and love, but to also learn more about yourself and the people around you in this world. It takes time to genuinely explore. Your peeps will come with time.

  • Grades add up

Although I don't think anyone should lose their minds over a grade, I do think it's worth so much to really take this college thing seriously from the very beginning. I was a little too chill freshman year which was fun, but that GPA NEVER LEAVES YOUR SIDE. It's almost like an over clingy ex. Make it at least good to look at, yea?

  • Don't take yourself - or anyone around you - too seriously

I argued with my room mate a lot because it always seemed like such a big deal when she let weirdos in our room or left beer cans ALL OVER THE FLOOR. But looking back now, it's stories like that that I will think about when I'm older and giggle a little bit because of how dumb it all was. Have a really good time in college and even more so in the dorms. Life won't be that easy going for very long time after that and I can guarantee you'll walk out with some seriously odd stories, as well as some really great ones.

  • There aren't cool kids anymore - be you

Unlike high school (thank god) there's no cool kids anymore. There may groups that seem like they have it figured out - and they might. But that's why they seem cool. They figured it out for them. So do the same! Be interested in what you're interested in, love what you love and try new things and look ridiculous at it! It's all part of the adventure.

  • DONT DATE.. or do

I want to sound wise and say you'll be happy if you avoided that cute guy at the party you would totally date. But I'd be lying. I had some hard relationship falls in my 5 years, but I learned almost as much from them as I did from some of the classes I took.

  • Be open

Be open to new people, new things, new styles, and new ideas. You're going to be SO surrounded by education and ideas and new things, soak it up. You're building you.

  • Call mom and/or dad

You're not smarter than your mom. You'll never have more answers than her. So call her every so often. She got you here, so don't leave her now.

  • Have fun

These are some of the best years of your life, do what you never thought you would and try everything that peaks your interest. Eat good food, and go our for drinks with your girls (or guys) and take lots of pictures. It'll be amazing, but it'll be gone before you know it. Live right now.


Good Luck!


Published by Tiana Wilson

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