Brihadeeswara Temple

Brihadeeswara Temple

This is Brihadeeswara temple (Big temple). A Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva, located in Thanjavur, India. It also goes by many other names such as: RajaRajeswara Temple Rajarajeswaram and Peruvudayar Temple.

I have to say I really love this temple, it's defo up there in my top 10, I also found this temple to be interesting to draw as it is one of the largest temples in India and an example of Dravidian architecture! This type of architecture originated in South India and is typically constructed using sandstone, soapstone or granite...pretty cool, right?!

It was really fun to draw! I have been trying to procrastinate less by taking a couple hours a day to sit down and draw parts of this building, rather than try and draw the whole thing at once.

What is your favourite temple?


Published by Tiff Worrall

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