Life’s Worth: Discovery of Human Value and Worth

Life’s Worth: Discovery of Human Value and Worth

Life is full of opportunities, yet people tend to cower at the thought of such ideology because society has a parallel way of destruction and creation. There is so much value in us as humans, but society cripples our spirits and oppresses individuals for their differences.

He and I may be different on the outside, but if you put us together, you would see that he is like I. We all have similar moods and feelings, but we all feel. Humans neglect the small similarities shared by man and focus on the major contradictions. People have a bond to other people because all people share a need for connection. What brings us together? Is it our hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes, faith, or material objects?

People are just the product of the business of living. Few see themselves as worthy due to society’s conjuring of value among individuals In the land of freedom and equality, there isn’t; instead, there is oppression and rejection. What am I meant for? Am I doing this right? These are questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. When society sees a lack of something in us, as humans, our need to feel welcome and accepted places societal needs above our own. Our concerns are how others view us rather than how we view ourselves.

In the end, we take away our self-worth by thinking we have no true value and by doing so, we try to change who we were destined to be.It doesn’t seem right.

From the business perspective, people are equivalent to money. We are all divided into pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars. For every difference between humans, in relation to one another, their price or appreciative value would deflate. We look for value through material rather than the substance behind that material. In other words, we search for the aesthetics of something or someone, ignoring their character. Aesthetics do not make a person, the contents of the heart and mind create all man.

Judgment is so critical in business. Pennies are the most irrelevant and ignored of all monies.  Why is this? Why don’t quarters and lesser coins share one value? After all, it is all just money. Take away the value behind it and everyone looks identical. Like the pennies, their voice is mistreated and their need for camaraderie increases substantially. With what little they have to offer, pennies look for their purpose.

How is it what I am capable of going to help out someone else? Pennies become used to just sitting in people’s pockets, waiting for the moment they realize they will change someone’s life. Every day we see pennies lying around, waiting for someone to deem them as worthy. Make them feel as if they are equal to you and me.

Nickels have more luck with people. Unlike the one cent value of the penny, the nickel is worth five cents.What gives the nickel an advantage over the pennies?

Nickels have a totally different face and color from pennies. They have more resources available to them but they still have so little. Since they have a considerable amount of depth behind them, nickels are treated greater.

Education, friendship, work, clothes and food could be the little things separating the nickels from the pennies. What about the quarters? These are the middle-class citizens. They have more skill and knowledge. They can see the spectrum of money from both sides. Quarters see the ignorance that the upper levels hold toward lower levels.

With all the power and resources, dollar amounts could save the life of a penny, but never offer any help. Once they look further, those pennies see the power of the dollar and they, too, become blind to their true value. The quarters do not want to demote their status to become unfavorable toward the dollars, so they join the rally to ignorance. They, too, neglect the pennies and focus on their image.  Quarters are stuck because the voice inside our heads tell us this is wrong, but greed consumes our hearts, blocking out the love that truly matters. Quarters are lost and want to find their place in this colossal world. Like the pennies (the homeless) and Nickels (the lower-class), quarters (the middle-class) fee their small value puts them at a disadvantage for success.Worthlessness is all they feel even when their personality, thoughts, ideas, and behaviors all recognize each coin as worthy. Each coin, no matter the value society deems them, has a far greater worth than they realize.

The small differences in humans are what binds us. The fear we are not good enough drives us to work harder. Thus, we create our own worth.  The half-dollar and dollar bill present another issue of arrogance. These monies have all the power and resources imaginable, yet they never put it to use for the common good. The have superiority, therefore, society sees them as the most important social group because they can offer me what the other coins cannot: materials.

People are passionate about proving status and power through their material possessions. Greed and arrogance blind their hearts from love and compassion. All these “high-valued” citizens only care about differences and make judgments on the “degenerate” citizens, failing to evaluate people as humans. Sacrifice, fear, and struggle are unknown to the superiors. They know not of what it feels nor looks like to experience such occurrences, yet it is viewed as a disease no one wants to catch.

How can you judge something you have little knowledge about? Everyone else has dealt with these societal weaknesses and are not considered equal. No matter how hard a person works, they will never live up to the societal standards of excellence. Any person who lacks the fundamental needs of a worthy person is not like you nor I, therefore, they are invisible. It is said that when the world views about a person are based on what they observe on the surface, there is no spot for error or imperfections.

By failing to break down the societal barriers of value, the true value of people is ignored. Each and every person has a purpose. No two people are the same. Under the surface is where the key to human nature is found, inside our hearts is where the answer to questions like who am I is located. Your appearance has no telling about the wonders of your mind. It holds no connection to what your capabilities are. Your body does not determine how you think or the philosophy behind it.

The mind and spirit hold people’s true value. Here, humans decide right from wrong, make their own choices, and follow their own life path. We take out consequences and learn from them. Failure is not a death sentence and does not make us weak. Failure keeps us strong, builds our spirit, and shapes who we become. Human value is not something that can have a price. It exists and cannot be bought.

Life determines human value. What we do with our gifts and talents, how we learn and teach others, and how we think and process the world around us are all the variables calculating humans’ greatness. Power can try to oppress humans on their goals through life.  We judge, put down, and have no respect for diversity. Hence, we know not what human value is. Once we all come together as a family, the differences fade away and we are left with the naked soul. We can see into each other’s hearts. Sympathy, love, and understanding are our guidance. Acceptance is human value.

Published by Tiffani Cheehy

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