Being in love can make you live longer

Being in love can make you live longer

Feb 10, 2019, 10:46:19 PM Opinion

Living in the years that we reside in, many things are available to us simultaneously. We carry computers in our pockets guys! It does so much for us under our command but are we actually utilizing it for our actual well-being? That question is a lot deeper than what I'm posing so, let me simplify it. Answer these few questions.... 

Does your phone have dating apps?
Music streaming apps?


If yes to at least one of those things, then you are better your health without even knowing it. Now, you are probably wondering how swiping right or left, listening to your premade playlist and scrolling through your feed is making you healthier? They're have been studies stating that being in love could make you live longer. But I want to step away from hard core facts and just touch on the basics. 

                    When the morning starts, grabbing the phone is almost first instinct. To increase how you could be feeling, (which for most of us, can be pretty gloomy because we have gotten out of our slumber to join society) turn on the songs that bring you the most joy. It will react with your "feel good" receptor, causing you to be automatically positive. Once you have added a moment of joy to your life, you have just added some time to your life clock by preventing stress to take any of the time you have here on earth. Neat huh? So let's take a look at those dating apps. 

          Meeting new people can be taxing for sure.  Between constantly having to shorten your life story in a few sentences and wishing this would be the last time you have to explain your life story in a few sentences is the main, it can be the cause of a lot downers. Look at it in a different view point, once something does stick, you have made a new friend and in hopes, companion. The conversations are giving you the butterflies that you remembered once living inside of you. A bond had been created. Those moments are growth in its finest. You have allowed yourself to grow as a more open person, which in terms, makes you feel better about your ability to be open and possibly...... loving. 

The phrase "in love" is much more than a romantic connection but more in the good lost feeling. Like when the beat of a song starts and the lyrics take you away. It is very similar to relationships. They make you happy, which can add more years to that wonderful life of yours. So, in the midst of things, through the dreary weather and hard days at work, find a way to be in love. I promise it is worth every single emotion that will course through.  

Published by Tiffany Amrissa

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