Just like that, I love you PT 1 ( Rock Steady)- Mini Series

Just like that, I love you PT 1 ( Rock Steady)- Mini Series

Oct 17, 2019, 1:26:16 PM Creative

The wind was blowing today. I mean it blew everyday but today, it was more than normal. The leaves were everywhere and cars blew right through them without any wonder as in to when the color went and when will we stop to see them. My view from the backseat and zero pennies for my thoughts. The sidewalks filled with people, coming and going but wearing boots. It's the season after all but it's not just a few here and there. EVERYONE IS WEARING BOOTS! BROWN BOOTS, COWBOY BOOTS, UGG BOOTS, BOOTS, BOOTS,BOOTS, BOOTS! I thought I would have gotten enough of them by now but it's a South Jersey thing to do. Summer clothes are tucked away and crack out the boot epidemic.

In the fall, most places have sales. I have only lived in jersey so I can Only speak for what I know and this is what I know. My parent would take me out to the store and look for anything on sale and what the considered "IT". "Look at the selection, it's HUGE! There has to be something you like Autumn", my mother stated. " Look here! THIS...IS....IT". A pair of bright orange boots that would make any person stick out like a sore thumb and of course, my parents want me to be that dislocated finger. I put both headphones on and pushed play on my CD player.

Zoning out, I seen them from afar. I stood up and rushed over to them. The shiny silver and black studded metal pair with black strings. I could see myself on stage, long ripped you sweater and a skort, flowing in the wind with a guitar in hand, just like Gwen. "MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM......DAAAAAAAD"! I held them up for them to see and my mother smirk and walked over to the register. " Hunny, we lost our child to the rebels". He reached his arm around me and laughed as we walked over to the counter.

I couldn't wait for school the next day. I would be the talk of the class. The coolest 5th grade and I was, for all of 10 minutes. After the hype of my shiny silver boots faded out with transfers of classrooms, I seen the one thing to break my heart. It knocked me out of my cloud and straight on to the floor, while leaning against my locker. As the final bell rings, all I could do is look down at all the feet moving around me and how I am no longer an individual. One pair did stop though, I was fixated on the because they were just like mine.

"They are super comfortable aren't they", She said. " Yeah, I'm still breaking mine in.". "That's true, but I know your mom couldn't resist that sale. Did you get yours downtown"? " Yeah, it was a huge sale but nothing spoke to me but these". "Same. It's super rock steady. So Gwen. I'm Vanessa. I just moved from Central Jersey. Montclair". She put her hand out to reach for me and as I stood up her bouncy hair pulled back a little and I pushed my hair back behind my ear.

" I think you are in my English class", Vanessa stated after seeing my books. I shook my head and continued walking with her. I couldn't help but to look down at her boots and it warmed my heart to know that we had our own secret little about our boots. I knew I was still an individual though, the soles of my boots were yellow and hers, blue.

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