Singing to the Smoke

Singing to the Smoke

Tonight meant so much to me. It was when I started to think nicely of myself. My appearance, my voice and my body. Your skin in so much more than your appearance but more on the lines of what is covering you, while your soul roams the earth, searching for meaning.
I wouldn't even lie and tell you that I know the truest meaning of life but I can speak on what I know life is calling out to me.

"When he sings
I melt.
My mind begs for more as he continues
And I ask
Why am I here listening to hear?
Where is my place 
and how long will it take me?"

His voice is the most understanding part of language. He sings in kindness as the soul floats along the melody. I can not feel without your assistance and I have tried. No sense of fighting what literally helps me breath. 

Just Keep Singing In my every inhale


Published by Tiffany Amrissa

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