To be beside the stars

To be beside the stars

May 12, 2017, 3:19:34 PM Creative

I love the hell out of you
From your movements that bring me clarity
To the lost way I feel from the touch of three 
Mind, body and spirit

But confessing my love would do what?
Will you listen and complete my world 
Or run and say you weren't meant to stay
The life I am after
While running in a cotton dress
Feet in the grass and feeling everything at once
All your love coursing through me
Only to expand into the universe as rays of you 

But I know just want you
Nothing but you
The smell of you to arise my wick
To burn me with all I'll ever need
And fill you in my lungs with the aroma

I need you like the need for nature
To see you grow
Big and strong so we may spawn
And create our own space
Where all things beautiful build my case
To how important you are

These stars are only keeping me still but your love keeps me grounded



Published by Tiffany Amrissa

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