All about painting over your roofs

All about painting over your roofs

Sep 2, 2021, 8:33:22 AM Life and Styles

There are plenty of different colors and types when it comes to choosing the paint for your roof, so you might find determining the right one difficult. Whether you possess a zinc roof, tin roof, steel roof, aluminum roof, rib metal roof, or another type of material entirely, it’s best to weigh your options and ask for the help of a professed person, whether that be a roofer or an employee at the hardware outlet.


After you find out the paint you want and gather all of the necessary materials, you’ll need to set up so that you can work harmless. It iss always recommended to-

  • Work from a ladder as much as possible for  Metal Roof Paint.
  • If you require to go on the roof,carry a harness with a safety rope. Anchor the rope safely to either a tree or a part of your home.


Steps to prepare your roof for painting over:

  • Remove the old paint – You can scrape away loose paint with a scraper or using a putty knife. Press the tool firmly against the paint, but ensure you don’t damage the metal underneath.
  • Apply the paint – Before you start to paint, wash the roof with a power washer to ascertain you have a clean roof. Wait at least an hour for it to dry. If it’s a good day to go, you can carry out the painting process.


Steps for doing Metal Roof Paint:


  • Choose a nice day to paint your roofs. Fair-weather days those  in the fall or spring are usually the best bet.
  • Apply a coat of primer – Use a paint roller or brush to apply a thick coating of primer to the entire surface of your roof. Wait at least an hour or two for the primer to dry.
  • Apply the paint – Once the primer has dried, apply a coat of color  to the entire surface of the roof. Again, at least an hour for the paint to get dry. Then, apply another coating of need says.


Two mistakes never to do while Metal Roof Paint


  • Not using good quality sealant – If you don’t apply sealer before painting your metal roofs, it would be much simpler for the paint to peel off the metal.
  • Not choosing energy-efficient paint – By picking up an energy-efficient paint, you’re choosing a heat reflective paint that will reflect sunlight and shield your roof from leaks.


Benefits of painting over your metallic roof tops:


1. Longer lifespan – Metal roofs already tend to have a durable lifespan in general than other types of roofs especially that of asphalt shingles. And the good news is that painting them can be an added advantage by increasing their lifespan even further. Be it an old roof or a new one, paint for a metal roof can expand its life and also reduce the average cost of energy.


2. Sustainability – Metal roofs are globally known for sustainability and energy efficiency. Lightly colored and reflective metal ones can minimize the heat island effect. The materials from most steel roofs can be easily recycled at the end of their lifespan.


3. Enhanced aesthetics – There are tons of paint colors for you to select from, from silver paint to green paint, so you can blend your roof to just about any home exterior. No matter which color you pick up, though, it’ll surely look graceful for years to come.

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