Race @ Airpot, Vilshofen

Race @ Airpot, Vilshofen

Sep 14, 2016, 4:19:18 PM Sport

Dear Friends! I think, the title of this part says everything, except one single thing - it was not just a simple race in Vilshofen, but a Car Meeting as well. With a surprisingly high level of standard, excellent cars, so if I had a chance, and I'll be close by, I'll defenetly come again!

August 15, 2016. Vilshofen, Germany. I know this place only because we've here embarkation and disembarkation, this is the beginning of a trip to Budapest. Here, in the end of nowhere, in one of the most hidden village's airport - oh, yes, of course, they have an airport, because why not - the locals cooked something fabulous car treffen, that other car meetings from everywhere in the word could watch them as an example. It was a Monday, I'm absolutely sure about it, since on that they we've started our trip to Passau - I mean the others went there, I've joined the ship a little later.

The thing, that how I got there, like a fairy tale. I was sitting at the reception, working behind the desk, expecting an usual, relaxing day. Guests are coming and going, asking questions, wondering around, exploring the ship. And once, out of sudden, I've heard something beautiful. Just a pure sound of an American muscle-car. Like melodies. On the other side of the Danube at the airport, where you could see only planes and helicopters landing and taking off, now was full with tents after each other, and with amazing cars under them. I couldn't see them very clearly, but from the sounds you knew immediately, these are the famous V8 engines from the other side of the Ocean. And not just in their original state. You could see the silhouette of a Shelby Cobra and a Camaro somehow behind the hot air, floating above the asphalt. So I've left the door open to please my ears with the music of the engines, since I couldn't be there. And of course, it got the guest's attentions as well. They stepped outside one by one to the terrace, just to check out what's going on there, what is this familiar sound. Meanwhile I was talking with one off our passenger and decided that I'll go there.

Only 20 mins left until my break, the ship leaves in 1 and a half hour, so I'll have about 20 mins to go around once. Not a problem, more than nothing, I have to appreciate what I've got.

Or I dream big and jump into the middle, that I would disembark the ship now, and later in Passau I'll be back in time, on my own, no worries. I had to ask the Captain first, he let me go. Second the Boss, he gave me the green light. Last but not least, the Big Boss had to allow me to go, and she did! She let me go as well, and to make it even better, the Boss gave one extra hour to my break! I quickly finished my duties, changed my clothes, picked up my phone and run to the other side of the Danube, I had a lot of things to do. Through the bridge, down on the stairs, after 5-6 minutes walk I was there, but I had to wait in the line. It was really this friendly-weekend meeting, didn't want to show off. They set up campaign tables and chairs as the entrance ant the ticket booths, and they gave the entrance tickets for less than 10 euro, which is more than fair - I think. From the point of view that what you've got for this price, totally worth it, what else! Since you put for foot on the territory of the meeting and race, since that second you could smell the gasoline and the burned, smoked tires, and feel the heat of the engines. I'm in the right place - was my first thought. Then the "OMGwhereIam" part came. And it continued. At first, two Audis appeared on the left of the horizon. One orange A3, and one green TT. Both of them modified for drag racing. Not just a little, but seriously. Professional, serious work. Hoosier tires, rear spoilers, breaking umbrellas (or how you call it properly), bumpkin, whatever you would like. And you did not have a look under the hood yet. I skipped this part, since I'm not a mechanic at all, so I can't give additional comments on this topic. But it wasn't some low profile job, as it came out on the track. As I walk toward, other master pieces parked on the sides. Audi S2, Golf II, III, Honda Civic. Okay, the JDM car was a bit weird between the tons of VAGs and BMWs, but come on, it was a car meeting, not just a VW treffen, so everyone was more than welcomed. And just to make sure, stay without complains, they organized a whole part for the motorcyclists with their own races and parks.

After the first shock, the next one came: the muscle-car division. I've got lost here first. I couldn't count how many cars were standing here. Not talking about the horsepower. The most beautiful part was that almost nobody noticed the original Challenger SRT, the Mustang or the Charger. They were different, out of the line, but not necessarily in a positive way. It's not a bad thing, not a negative comment, but something unusual. Instead of them, the old Camaro, Chevelle SS, Corvette C3-C4-C5, AC Cobra, Plymouth Road Runner, they got the spotlight. I really liked the blue SS, simply amazed me. If we count only the american cars. But if all the others played, than we had another winner.


I assume it's pretty obvious why. Mercede 190 + V8 Corvette engine. What do you expect??? It was a beautiful car, almost came from a museum. If you don't see the mods. They cut hood for a better cooling, made something with the suspension, then the full new engine, every part had been changed for a stronger one. Beast from the bottom of itself. It stole the show at this point.

Of course, as I walked toward, I saw different cars as well, way different than the Mercedes. First of all, the amount of the VWs grabbed my attention. Like the M.I.V.W. meeting (Men in Volkswagen). But later on the others came out from the shades. Audi, Opel, and the most beautiful of all, the BMWs, next to each other, after each other. E30 M3, sedan, convertible. What else could I want, this is The Heaven, I don't want to leave this place anymore. I was shooting pictures like I've got it in order, almost every car was in the middle of my screen. It was the Paradise. They were revving the engines, nobody was ashamed or shy, they showed everything they had.

Later on I've met with a few other cars, like

- Fiat Uno - with two engines

- Ford Escort RS Cosworth - truel love for first sight

- Honda NSX - first time that I've seen this in life

- BMW 2002 - just came from the museum

- KTM X-Bow - what was this doing here?

- Fiat 500 Abarth - LOL :)

- Mitsubishi Lancer III - the only one Mitsubishi on the meeting, if I didn't miss something

- Trabant 601 S - nooooo way, this guy stole the show!

- Mazda MX5 - the only Mazda, but one of the best

- Nissan 350 Z - and just another example from the country of the Rising Sun

The point is, it was a real car meeting for all kind of vehicles, in a serious level. Only one car was out of the line, the Trabant with it's performance, but still, he got the biggest applause and cheering at all, he was the star!

But to talk about the race itself. It was professionally organized on 1/4 miles, which is 402 meters. With lights, and wet aspalth if someone wanted to heat up the tires, or make a simple burnout, so really everything was there for a good race.

Of course they've separated the competitors to different categories, for example the did not let the Dutter Sports' Audi to race with one of the most beautiful car of the meeting, the only Volkswagen Polo. It wouldn't be a race. But still they had some nice pairs, like 4WD Golf I against the KTM X-bow, a few BMW-BMW war, or a Beetle race. Then the muscle cars came up, Charger vs Challenger (classic), Road Runner vs Chevelle, Camaro vs Corvette, Mercedes 190 (V8 engine) vs Mercedes 190 E (same modifications). If someone was bored there, than he wanted to be bored. The pairs started after each other, and after 10-12 rounds they came back on the service road slowly. And just to show how friendly was the event, in the end of the service road, there was a speed bump, so everyone had to be really slow to go through there. And from that point you could stand next to the cordon, and a few meters further, the cordon ended, so you could even touch the cars.

Here you can check out the offical result of the racing.

The absolute winner was the Dutter Racings' Audi with a 8.796 s on 402 meters, what is a pretty impressive run. If you want to know a little more about them, click here.

But around 2 pm I had to leave, so I asked one waiter in the close restaurant to order a taxi for me. He was helpful, called a company, and they sent the taxi in 5 minutes. As we discussed, the driver took me to Passau, just in the perfect time, so I went back onboard, took a shower, changed back to uniform and continue my job :)

So, that was it, I do hope it wasn't boring. For more picture please check out my Facebook profile, and search for the "Race @ Airport Vilshofen, 2016" album. It worth the time!

Have a nice day! :)

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