Being a professional in the field of architecture is one promising job. It is a path I fell in love with and I’m glad that God gave me an opportunity of having this as my career. In my few years in this field, I’ve learned so many things and I’m still learning so many things. But so far, as a registered and licensed Architect I have learned things that can’t just be applied in designing and construction but also in our daily life.

Architecture improves our experience of the built world. Architecture passionately inspires us; sometimes we see things others don’t. It’s more than the details, the technologies applied to it, but it’s the soul of every wall, window, and stairway that moves us. Architecture is shaped by human emotions and desires, resulted by coherent visions and aims. It can be lived and inhabited as books cannot be.

But just like every one of us we all have another passion. A passion that also feeds our soul that gives us purpose and satisfaction every time we do it. So, besides from sketching plans, doing some conceptualizations I also have the heart in writing. I am not a professional writer, I don’t write books with hardcovers, and I’m just an average person who let her thoughts out on a piece of paper.

So, a few months ago I was given a chance to be a contributor in My Trending Stories, they have invited me to be part of the team after seeing my personal blog at thinkeatwrite.wordpres.com. It was an exciting feeling for I was given an opportunity to put my words on a bigger platform. Friends, family, and co-workers were very supportive of my dream that was just about to come true.  More people were asking for some bits of advice about life, pursuing passion and poetry since my writing focuses on lifestyle and poetry. Some people asked why do I write, do I gain revenue from it? And I just answer them with “I write because it is my passion and it is written on my soul”. Let me give you guys my 5 reasons why I write.


1.    To renew my thoughts
2.    To release stress
3.    To let my emotions out through words
4.    To unfold what my mind wants to say
5.    To nurture my spirit


Sitting in a chair, with a pen and notebook, scribbling my thoughts out can help me have those 5 items listed above. I don’t have a scheduled time when I will write, I just let my instincts kick in then I will grab a pen and a pad then I will get lost in my own thoughts from there. I let the ink take over the blank pages until I’m done. After that, that’s the point I will read my piece. Sometimes I will be surprised that I’m capable of writing such things that could hit someone’s heart.

You don’t need a perfect plot to be a good writer with pieces worth reading. With just a pen, a paper and your soul you can let your words spread and express your feelings out. I am not a professional writer; I don’t even call myself a writer for I’m just a lost poet trying to find my words within ink and blank pages.

Published by Tina Maria


Oct 29, 2016, 1:12:25 PM

Thanks and yes you should catch up with your journal. :)

Oct 8, 2016, 3:40:02 PM

I like your last line and your reasons to write. I don't write in my journal much these days as I prefer to say aloud my thoughts and I feel the same way about it for a few days then I write it privately. I ought to catch up with my journal though, it's been a few months!

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