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Finding your other half isn't easy, especially for a girl who made sure to herself or once believed that she will be alone forever. For a girl who stopped hoping that someone is meant for her. (Ehem, I'm not referring to myself.) But what if one day, everything will turn 360° from that girl's point of view? But what if one day, she will meet the guy who will be the only exemption from her "why I'm ready to be alone forever" list? So, what will be the signs if that someone is your only exception? Let me break it down to you.


1. He broke down your walls.

Okay, this is the first sign before anything else. No matter how many times you rebuild your walls to make him stay outside. He just keeps on breaking them down just to reach you out. Well, it just means you are worth reaching for.


2. He can make you melt inside no matter how hard you keep that strong facade on.

He can make you smile, you think of him from time to time despite of showing him the "i don't care" face you've been trying to put on when you're with him.


3. He makes you realize that all guys are not the same.

Okay, let's admit it at some point in our lives where we got our heats broken we once became a "man hater" for quite some time until we finally moved on. Then heartbreak after heartbreak, and less chances of winning because of the guys who turned "paminta", "kloseta", "adan to eva" until you lost hope in meeting a nice and descent guy. But Mr. "the only exception" is starting to make you question that maybe or finally there is still hope to the male species. Hallelujah!


4. He makes you think twice if you're gonna be really fine to be alone forever.

This guy suddenly makes you imagine the future with him. In fact, he makes it clear with you his serious intentions and his plans. It's a bit forward but an honest approach. It might be an aggressive move to some but he is defining that there's no way he will let you slip away.


5. He may not be your ideal type, but he makes you forget all the checklist and let's you write a new one. I'm not saying he doesn't have the characteristics you want in a guy. But he is the perfect combination from what you have learned from your past mistakes and the guy you've been praying for. He may not be your dream guy in a physical form but his sincerity, his kindness, and honest personality just made it all in your new list.


6. He came unexpectedly and everything seems came into place even better.

Just when you thought you are fine being on your own, he came unexpectedly in your life. And when you thought he would ruin your perfect single, "forever alone" life, it's like everything is coming into place better than ever. It's like a cherry on top of your icing and its too hard not to taste it.


7. He made you crumple your "why I'm better off alone" essay and made you write your 1st love letter to him.

You deleted all your bitter songs and "independently single" playlist. Let's admit it, you prayed to God and asked Him so many times before you said "yes" to him. God gave you a clear answer, at first you're still in denial but God said "you want this or not?" That's the time when you dropped your walls down and said "Lord, eto na po di na magiinarte".


It's amazing to find your someone finally but a gentle reminder, always leave something for yourself. Remember, you loved yourself first before loving Mr. Only Exception. Now, check all the signs if he made it on the checklist, if yes, then girl it will be all worth it.

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