I’m broken like pieces of glass scattered on the ground. I’m a sinner since I breathe my first air in this world. I’m caught up with words and lies I thought I can’t escape from.

I don’t deserve to be forgiven. I don’t deserve mercy or grace. I’m wandering in this world like a lost sheep looking for my shepherd. I’m stranded in this strange realm I can never understand. But, how come when I call Your name, You are there to rescue me? You are there to comfort me and love me. Though I have broken Your heart so many times still you picked me up and took my brokenness aside. You took my pieces and turn me into a whole me again. You have waited for me in the midst of a storm and you took my hand amazingly so.

Lord, I don’t deserve any of this because of my shortcomings, yet you took me at heaven’s front gate. You showed me the empty mansions waiting for us. You gave me a glimpse of Your kingdom and what is in store for us. A wonderful place with no sun nor the moon, pavement with sparkling crystals and gold downspouts. A place I want to see once more.

Who am I to receive so much love from You? Who am I to be forgiven and care for You? Truly, Your love is incomparable, no one can understand how You treasure us. It is something that can’t be defined by words. But whenever I hear myself breathe, all I can say is thank You God for a wonderful gift.

Published by Tina Maria


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