Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse

Feb 21, 2017, 9:39:40 PM Life and Styles

How many of us have tried to open our hearts to someone after being broken apart? How many of us expected that this time it will be alright? How many of us risked of trusting again and have it shattered for the nth time? How many of us picked our pieces up after that person who means so much to us yet left us?

People are bound with the idea of being in love and loving someone in their lives. It’s is a default thing as a human being. We have that ability to be attracted to someone and tend to give that person the license to hurt us emotionally yet we still stay. But what about if we try to do the falling in love process but in reverse? Instead of looking for that someone and letting our brain release irresistible cocktail of chemicals, why not fall in reverse? How? Let me share you some words of wisdom from my own perspective and how I can beautifully explain it to you.

Falling in reverse is a basic process, I know because I’m putting my own definition here based on my experience. It is not about rewinding a scene to go back from the last scene to the first scene. Actually it is a basic process of determining the feelings you want to feel, the situation you want to be in or the person you want to be. It is about claiming that you already achieved that and working your way down how you will achieve it in real life situations. It is more of attracting the universe that you can’t give no for an answer with what you want to have. But please be noted that you may fail along the way. I guess the saying “try and try until you succeed” applies to everything. After all, failures are part of every successful story.

So, what’s the difference of falling in reverse with falling in love? Well it is all about not relying to someone in order for you to feel complete or to achieve something. It is about believing in yourself that you can feel good even without someone by your side. It is about that feeling that you already achieved what you desire in your life. Falling in reverse is falling in love with life, with your experiences, with cities you will visit, with cultures and countries you will explore, through words and actions. So, let’s love and fall in reverse.

Published by Tina Maria

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