Three Goals for this Month

Three Goals for this Month

Jan 21, 2018, 8:51:37 PM Life and Styles

It’s January and that means new goals to achieve. So, what are your three goals for the 1st month of the year? Well, except for listing down your new year’s resolution.


Three goals for this month:

  1. To contact suppliers for my bestfriend’s wedding
  2. To decide what will be the design for my gown as maid of honor
  3. To start working out and to finally use my new yoga mat


Well most of these three goals are done, except for the third one. I’m done contacting photographers, cinematographers, event stylist, florist, hair and make up artists and event planner. But my friend and her fiance are still undecided. Come on guys, it’s only few months until your wedding.


After searching and browsing pinterest for some boho inspired dresses I finally decided what will be my gown’s design. It was simple bit very bohemian, it’s a low key “hubadera” design and just enough not to overpower the bride’s gown. Haha


Lastly I really hope that before this month ends I will be back on track on doing home workouts.  For your information I am naturally slim and I don’t get fat easily whatever I eat but it’s important to do some exercises to boost your immune system and maintain that flat tummy.


And there it goes, my three goals for this month. What’s yours?


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